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canale acquerello


We are sure that, within the entire tourism sector, there are few entrepreneurs who can say that they respect all the points on the side.

The most frequent practice, on the other hand, is to save as much as possible on personnel and raw materials.

We have always differentiated ourselves.




- We propose the right employment contract to our employees and we respect it, even if this involves hiring an extra person to cover the weekly day off for all our workers, which we have always done.

- We are, and have always been, in good standing from a contributory point of view.

- Fresh raw materials, such as fruit and vegetables, come from local companies and as far as possible at 0 km (at least 90%).
Every day we offer one or more choices of fish on the menu, which is why every day we get fresh from trusted companies in our area. Even when the dish includes frozen fish, because it is not present in our seas, we always have an eye in the choice of quality products.

- We have suppliers at our side for decades, always aiming for honesty and healthy, natural and good products, because it would make no sense for us to spend a little less to risk offering dishes that would not even satisfy ourselves.

- We are attentive to the origin of the products we choose to try as much as possible not to source from countries where human rights are not respected as well as good natural practices and animal welfare.

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